What kind of decoder do I need to receive Premium Free?

Any generic or universal Free-to-Air Mpeg4 DVB-S decoder. What does this mean? It means that almost any decoder that is new and available for sale now is likely to work with Premium Free – it does NOT need a smart card slot or any embedded encryption system.

Can I choose my own channels on Premium Free or is it all inclusive?

The Premium Free bouquet of channels are free today and always. You can watch whichever channels you like anytime, day or night.

Are there any Premium Free channels that require extra payment?

No – all the channels in Premium Free bouquet are free today and always.

Can people watch Premium Free on more than one (1) device in a household?

Yes. Your installer can provide an LNB splitter to enable you to connect multiple decoders to the same dish. Your installer can also provide an HDMI splitter to enable you to have more than one feed from the same decoder.

If I have a DSTV or Openview installation, can I receive the Premium Free bouquet through these decoders?

The operators of these services currently only include their own channels in their service EPGs (electronic programme guides) on their decoders.

Do DSTV and OpenView include the Premium Free channels in their EPGs?

The Premium Free channels are transmitted unencrypted and other operators are free to include Premium Free services in their EPGs if they choose to do so.

If I have a DSTV or Openview installation and I wish to watch Premium Free channels, what should I do?

Purchase any low-cost generic or universal Free-to-Air decoder. Remove the LNB cable from your current decoder and attach it to your new free to air decoder. Scan the decoder or use the Premium Free parameters and you will find the channels.

If you have a DSTV Explora decoder connected, you will also need to find the plastic LNB on the middle of your dish and swap the cable from the original smart LNB connector to the other universal LNB connector. Any satellite dish installer can assist you to do this.